Self storage in Dubai

 Self storage in Dubai offers you a fantastic service to store the number of things you need. No matter how much short or long the amount is. We will ensure you to provide the security to keep your belongings safe. Moving home is very easy with Just click Mover self store in Dubai. Want to move your home? Want to free up the space? You are just one step away from Just click Mover self store in Dubai . Contact us, and we will provide you with the most affordable prices for storage of your house and office in Dubai. The UAE Leading Just click Mover has experience of 5 years.

Safe, secure, convenient and flexible, self storage near you can make moving home the exciting time it’s supposed to be.


Fast Moving in UAE

Our Professional skilled staff identify transfer your personal/business items carefully, no matters where you are relocating  in Dubai

Self storage Features

Self-Storage & Storage Lockers Dubai UAE

We have a storage solution and unit size for all of your storage needs.

Just click Mover self storage in Dubai has facility  you covered for any storage need, type or size. We have everything from lockers to large 200 sq ft storage units and everything in between. We also have scaleless solutions and bulk storage space all under one roof; and in a facility that is safe, secure, modern, clean, dust and pest free, climate controlled, bright LED lighting and lots of parking space.

Imagine having the extra space you need. We can help, contact us and get your storage space today. Self storage in Dubai.

Multipurpose Storage Options in Dubai

With our storage services you can get a unit to store almost anything you want. There are multiple types of lockers depending upon the type of storage you want

Business Storage Units UAE

The business storage units are best to keep secure all your documents and other office related stuff. One can also get an office space or workshops if required. Self store in Dubai

For much larger storage requirements there are more extra spaces available to be used as warehouses

Personal Storage Units UAE

Personal storage is helpful for students, and families who want to move to other places. One could also rent the lockers to keep their valuables when going for a trip. 

Even if your place is getting renovated and you want a space to make your belongings safe, avail this storage service and store anything.

Vehicle Storage Units UAE

Not just other stuff but boats, bikes, and even cars too could be stored in extra spacious storage units. Companies and industries can also store their vehicles to keep them safe and access them whenever they want

About Just Click Movers

Just click Movers is a privately held moving company with its headquarters in Dubai. The company serves customers from seven emirates in UAE, providing governments, corporate and private customers with removal, transportation, storage of household goods and office effects, high value warehousing and third party logistics.

The just click movers is committed to develop and implement the most effective technology in order to drive quality up and costs down and provides a uniquely tailored moving service to meet the needs of even the most demanding customer. By doing this, Just Click Movers continues to design innovative removal services that support clients’ needs.

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