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Self Storage Dubai

Key Benefits of Just Click Movers Self Storage Services

Following are the key benefits of Just Click Movers storage Facilities:

Free of Cost Quotation

Get a free of cost quote through our website. Fill in the form online to get the service of your choice at most reasonable rates.

Safe & Secure Storage

With setting alarms and cctvs it has been ensured to the clients that there belongings are safe 24/7 in their storage units. 

They further get an option to set passcodes on their lockers to make it more secure.


Multipurpose Storage Options

With our storage services you can get a unit to store almost anything you want. There are multiple types of lockers depending upon the type of storage you want.

Business Storage Units

The business storage units are best to keep secure all your documents and other office related stuff. One can also get an office space or workshops if required. 

For much larger storage requirements there are more extra spaces available to be used as warehouses.

Personal Storage Units

Personal storage is helpful for students, and families who want to move to other places. One could also rent the lockers to keep their valuables when going for a trip. 

Even if your place is getting renovated and you want a space to make your belongings safe, avail this storage service and store anything.

Vehicle Storage Units

Not just other stuff but boats, bikes, and even cars too could be stored in extra spacious storage units. Companies and industries can also store their vehicles to keep them safe and access them whenever they want.

Our Self Storage Facility

Our warehouse and self storage units come with a variety of facilities and some of them are:

Access Your Assets 24/7

Clients have this opportunity to visit their lockers anytime of the day. They could anytime move and take back their stuff as our service is available throughout the day.

Well Controlled Climate

Different items need different temperature to sustain. For each of your stored items including albums, files, documents, furniture, machines, and etc.

 we have got moderate temperature to make them last for long..

Why Just ClICK Movers Self Storage Services

Just Click Movers is recently ranked in top 10 best movers and packers list of My Moving Reviews. While our self storage facilities are irresistable because of many reasons and some of them are:


Affordable Self Storage Charges

Our storage service costs you nothing more than a reasonable price for each sort of storage unit you choose. 

We aim to provide with a value for money service to our clients keeping in view their prerequisites.

Effortless Payment Methods

The payment methods during this time of Covid has been made even more easier. Now you can easily pay the unit rents online and providing with the address details and insurance.

 Even if you do not have an insurance, we will make you have one online too.

No Confining Contracts

Choosing our service will not put you in the turmoil of being limited. This means that you are allowed to rent more than one storage units. 

Secondly, you can also move or take back your belongings anytime you want without any specified duration in the contracts.

Significant Discounts on Moving

Yes, you have heard it right. We offer free of cost moving in services to those who need our help. You can book any of our vehicles to get your stuff moved to the storage unit. 

Clients can also ask for help from our workers to help them settle their belongings in the units. Same goes for when you want to get back your belongings.